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TThis year's Radio Day will be held on Saturday 14th November. The 2015 location for this event is Museum RockArt in Hoek van Holland. On that day, the doors of the museum will open at 11:00 and close at 18:00.

The structure of the annual event has changed. It has been decided to hold a National Radio Day followed by a large International Radio Day on a rotating basis (including the Awards Ceremony).

This year, a National Radio Day will be held, focused on the Netherlands and Belgium and thus slightly more limited in scope than in previous years. The interior of Museum RockArt will play an important role. Central item is the restored Radio Veronica studio. Seven well-known radio DJs are asked to present their shows live from the studio forming a kind of window programming. On the half hour the programmes are interrupted for interviews on stage.

The line-up for the day (conditional) is Wim de Groot, Ferry Eden, Ad Roberts, Elly van Amstel, Ronald van der Vlught and Wim de Valk.

They will try to relive the following offshore radio stations: Mi Amigo 272, Radio Monique, Radio 819 and Radio Delmare.

During the program also attention will be paid to Hilversum 3 /Radio 3 /3FM, which celebrates 50 years on the air in October, as well as to some radio related books, which will be published around the Radioday. Former Monique deejay Jan Veldkamp will be doing some of the interviews.

That means that seven topics will be discussed during that day. The items to be included will be announced later, but in any case, attention will be given to the offshore station Radio Monique and the 50th anniversary of Hilversum 3 / Radio3 / 3FM.

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De RadioDay wordt dit jaar gehouden op zaterdag 14 november. Als locatie is gekozen voor Museum RockArt in Hoek van Holland. De deuren van het museum gaan die dag open om 11:00 uur en om 18:00 uur is het einde gepland.

De opzet van de jaarlijkse happening is wel gewijzigd. Er is voor gekozen om het ene jaar een nationale radiodag te houden en het jaar daarop een grote internationale RadioDay.
Dit jaar is er een nationale dag, gericht op Nederland en België en dus iets beperkter in omvang dan voorgaande jaren.

De inrichting van museum Rockart zal een belangrijke rol spelen. Centraal staat de gerestaureerde Veronica-studio van waaruit bekende radio dj’s een uurtje radio presenteren in de stijl van het station waar ze voor gewerkt hebben.

De dj’s zijn (onder voorbehoud): Wim de Groot, Ferry Eden, Ad Roberts, Elly van Amstel, Ronald van der Vlught en Wim de Valk.

Zij zullen de volgende radiostations weer even laten herleven en tevens de geschiedenis ervan in het kort belichten: Mi Amigo 272, Radio Monique, Radio 819 and Radio Delmare.

Tijdens het programma zal er ook aandacht worden geschonken aan het 50-jarig bestaan van Hilversum 3 /Radio 3 /3FM en aan enkele radioboeken die binnenkort verschijnen. Jan Veldkamp is hierbij één van de interviewers.

De RadioDay 2015 wordt dit jaar mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Internet Radiocafé, Radiotrefpunt.nl en Ad Roland Media.

There will be regular updates on www.radioday.nl


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For more than 35 years, the annual Dutch "Radio Day" has been a "must" for all (offshore) radio experts and enthusiasts. This website has galleries of photos from previous events and will keep visitors up to date.


 The Radio Day Time-Table

The 2004 Radio Day saw the Radio Caroline 1973/74 reunion with many former deejays, technicians and crew members, and in 2005, "RNI in 1970" attracted several former Radio NorthSea employees who had a magnificent discussion on the podium. In November 2006, the Voice of Peace reunion formed a major highlight, as 20 former VoP jocks and technicians got together from all over the world.

But the biggest event ever was the 2007 one with 450 visitors. We listened to Tom Mulder (Klaas Vaak) and saw the Swinging Radio England reunion. And we were fascinated to hear Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale, Roger Day and other well known jocks telling their stories on Radio Caroline after Monday August 14th 1967... In 2007 we also introduced the "Radio Day Awards" as a bi-annual event to acclaim the efforts of several special people who stood up for free radio without governmental control.

The 2008 Radio Day included an in-depth interview with Radio Atlantis' Adriaan van Landschoot and saw "Radio Caroline in the late seventies (1977-80)" as a main topic. Four panels discussed that exciting era just before the MV Mi Amigo sank in March 1980. This included nearly all the English and Dutch colleagues who worked for the legendary offshore radio station around thirty years ago. Again it became a big class reunion.

In 2009, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Laser 558 with a Laser Reunion including Jessie Brandon, Charlie Wolf, Mike Barrington, Johnny Lewis, Ray Anderson, Dennis Jason, Leendert Vingerling, Paul Jackson and Jim Perry. Keith Skues had been celebrating his 70th birthday plus "50 years on the radio" a few months earlier. He was interviewed by the Dutch radio legend Tom Mulder. A most intensive dialogue between Steve Conway and Nigel Harris (Stuart Russel) fascinated the audience. Ingo Paternoster pleased everyone with an interesting "AFN in Germany" presentation. Last but not least, 2009 saw the second Radio Day Awards celebration.

2010 saw a superb Radio Mi Amigo panel. Marc Jacobs chatted with Hugo Meulenhof, Ferry Eden, Will van der Steen and Bert Bennett. One of the highlights was the "Radio 390 Reunion". Brian Cullingford, Roger Scott, Mark Hammerton, John Stewart and Graham Gill took part in a fascinating panel with Trevor Adams from Project Redsand as the moderator. We welcomed Seve Ungermark from Sweden who has worked for the Scandinavian offshore radio pioneer Radio Nord. An "RNI is 40" reunion included the following guests: Victor Pelli, Graham Gill, Arnold Layne (Roger Scott), Peter Chicago, Bob Noakes, Peter Ford, Hans ten Hooge (Hogendoorn), Peter Jager, Marc van Amstel, Pieter Damave and Leo van der Goot. Nico Steenbergen and Robbie Owen chaired both panels. Chi Coltrane concluded the Radio Day 2010 with three of her songs.

In 2011, we started with a dialogue between Jonathan Marks and Andy Sennitt on the “History of Radio Netherlands’ Media Network”. Then, Josje de Munck was presented with the prime copy of the Hans Knot’s new book “Laser 558 – All Europe Radio”. You could watch parts of a new video containing an interview with Gerard van Dam who chatted with Leendert Vingerling on the podium. Gerard and several of his former colleagues then took part in an interesting panel about Radio Delmare. “The forgotten stations from former wartime defence forts” was the title of the second panel in the English language. Radio Veronica followers were fascinated by Juul Geleick and his dialogue partners "op volle kracht". “Get Your Kicks On 266 with Radio London memories” was our final panel in 2011 which saw several several guests coming from abroad and even from Australia! Finally, the third Radio Day Awards Ceremony was held.

The 2012 event started with Sonja van Proosdij who was interviewed by Jan Parent on her memories of the REM-eiland, home of RTV Noordzee in 1964. Jan had arranged an additional video interview with Marc van de Mosselaer, who had served as a technician on that platform. The Flemish impact on Radio Mi Amigo and the VVVR programme on that station were central in an interesting panel led by Walter Galle. "Caroline 558" was the famous offshore station's title during the latter part of the 1980s. 10 former deejays and technicians relived their memories on our podium. "Radio 270, Yorkshire's part of the beat fleet" meant the next nostalgic panel which was moderated by Bob Preedy and completed by singing deejay Mike Hayes. Marconi Oeuvre Award winner Felix Meurders chatted with Bert van der Laan on his impressing radio career. And last but not least, Radio Caroline North occupied centre stage. BBC journalist and Caroline expert Paul Rowley chatted with five former Caroline jocks and expert Andy Wint. Wally Meehan pleased us with two of his Caroline hymns.

In March 2014, it was exactly 50 years ago that Radio Caroline started its transmissions from the MV Fredericia off the British coast. And beyond that in August 2014, it will be 40 years ago that Radio Veronica and Radio Nordsee International as the most prominent watery wireless stations off the Dutch coast had to close down. This is the reason why we thought that the Radio Day 2014 had to become an even bigger event than usual.



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We are mourning Rob Olthof.

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