Approximately 450 people visited this year's radioday in Amsterdam on Saturday 10th November 2007.

Many former offshore radio colleagues attended (I do hope I haven't forgotten one or two). These were Klaas Vaak (Tom Mulder), Steve England, Ron O'Quinn, Patrick Starling, Mark Sloane (Hammerton), Bud Ballou (Howie Castle), Spangles Muldoon (Chris Cary), Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale, Roger Day, Roger Scott (Arnold Layne, Greg Bance), Phil Martin, "Harkie" Paul Harald van Gelder, John Ross-Barnard, Dick Verheul, Kees Borrel, Walter Simons (Zwart), Jan van Zanten (Jan Paparazzi), Hans ten Hooge (Hogendoorn), Nico Steenbergen, Peter Jager, Peter Ford, Richard Thompson (Bob Lawrence), Roger Matthews, Ian Damon, Peter de Vries (Wout van der Meer), Mick Williams (Ray Clark), Richard Palmer, Teun Visser, Johnny Lewis, Bob Noakes, Don Stevens, Richard Staines (Steve Silby), Ray Sarsfield, John Dwyer, Martin Green (Groen), Herbert Visser, Elija van den Berg, Jan Sundermann, Freddie Schorsch, Graham Gill, Ad Roberts, Wim van Egmond, Wim Robijn (Hendrik van Nellestijn), Jan Veldkamp (Parent), Marc Jacobs, Ferry Eden and Peter Chicago.

Hans Knot, Rob Olthof and Martin van der Ven would like to express their thanks to everyone who attended the Radio Day making it a huge success!


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The "Radio Day 2007 Awards" Ceremony



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The audio files:

Tom Mulder (Klaas Vaak) about his phenomenal radio career
Interviewer: Jelle Boonstra

Panel "Swinging Radio England - It was just a job..."
Moderators: Svenn Martinsen and Stuart Aiken

Ian Damon, Mary and Chris Payne

Steve England recalling his days on Radio Caroline and Radio Atlantis
Interviewer: Jelle Boonstra

The Radio Day Awards 2007 (slightly edited)
Presenters: Hans Knot and Robbie Dale

"Radio Caroline in 2007" - An update with Johnny Lewis
Interviewer: Marc Jacobs

Panel "Radio Caroline resisting the MOA"
Moderator: Ray Clark


100% NL_11 november 2007_0000-0100 uur Herbert Visser - Radiodag 2007

100% NL_11 november 2007_0100-0200 uur Herbert Visser - Radiodag 2007



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